We invest and partner with the most ambitious founders focused on Web 3 innovation

Our framework

We saw a growing need for investors who will also provide a hands-on approach to support builders along their journey. As operators, we’re active ecosystem participants and strategically get involved to help builders before and after launch. A true extension of their teams, we aggressively work to ensure that the most ambitious founders succeed beyond their expectations.

Our focus

Our fundamental goal is to look for essential portals that will help onboard billions of users to Web 3, driving adoption exponentially. We’re particularly interested in New Protocols (Layer 1 & 2), DeFi, Decentralized Infrastructure, On-Chain Identity Solutions, The Open Metaverse and New Digital Economies.

Get in touch

If you are as curious as we are, building something interesting that the space needs, and looking for a partner who will strive to make it a success, get in touch. We'd love to collaborate.